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The global Education industry is going through radical changes, due to factors like emerging technology innovations, student mobility, government regulations and others. The ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices, easy internet access, and social networking has provided a great opportunity to the Education industry for content delivery in the digital form. Institutes has realized the importance of virtual / paperless classrooms and learning management software that have addressed various issues, like:

  • Scattered Resources – Learner, Educator and Learning Material
  • Lack of Mobility
  • Lack of Collaboration Between School, Students and Parents
  • Administrative Activities are still carried out on Papers and Files
  • Inappropriate focus on Research and Development
  • Creating Integrated Platform for Several Age Groups and Skill Sets

We at OG Software Solutions leverage our experience and domain expertise that helps Education institutes in managing and improving the education system, comply with changing educational norms and age-groups. We provide Custom Software Development Services and learning management software for Education Industry to enhance workforce performance and increase student-faculty satisfaction.

The Educational Industry comprises establishments that provide instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects. This instruction and training is provided by specialized establishments, such as schools, colleges, universities, and training centers. These establishments may be privately owned and operated for profit or not for profit, or they may be publicly owned and operated. They may also offer food and/or accommodation services to their students.

Education is an important part of life. The amount and type of education that individuals receive is a major influence on both the types of jobs they are able to hold and their earnings. Lifelong learning is important in acquiring new knowledge and upgrading one’s skills, particularly in this age of rapid technological and economic changes. The educational services industry includes a variety of institutions that offer academic education, career and technical instruction, and other education and training to millions of students each year.

E-learning and Distance learning programs are also gaining popularity. Many students and working professionals are taking these courses to get a quality education.

The drawing factors for these programs are the world-class curriculum, comfort, and low costs. Technology-oriented courses are gaining in popularity due to the rising demand in these industries. The medical industry is also revamping itself. There is a need for more doctors and skilled professionals in this area. Thus, engineering and medical colleges are going to be in demand. The demand for management education is also rising. Many international management institutes are creating ties with Indian colleges or setting up their own centers everywhere.

Benefits of Education Industry Software

Time Saving

Dynamic Learning

Safety Matters

Intelligent Monitoring

Cost Effective

Remote Support

Software for Education Industry

Affordable Software for Education Industry – university management system, University Exam cell Automation, College management system, school management system, Academy management system and Library management system for educational institutes.

university management system

OG Software Solution UMS is a complete education ERP software solution for universities and colleges to streamline and automate their activities. This university management system software is designed specifically for all kinds of small and large universities and colleges. OG Software Solution supports universities to build, manage, and extend their digital campus.

University Exam cell Automation

The use of University exam cell automation or application is to create a platform which can easily manage student’s data for effectiveness in learning at the classroom and assessment of performance. The examination is a key factor in performance assessment and must be carried out with accuracy and precision. The automated examination management system is a smart, agile and scalable solution which automates each task related to examination effortlessly.

College management system

The College Management System is a business Optimization of College or Educational Institute and its Processes. The project will cover usually all areas that are dear to the running of an Educational institution, especially College. It allows us to store, modify and retrieve data using the specially designed modules… It can manage the details not only of students, Departments, and Staff but also other details like Exam, Events, front office day to day activities, Fund flow, Notifications, etc. The package is fully customizable according to the users’ requirements.

School management system

School Management System offer technical excellence that supports different types of model to satisfy the browsing needs of any clients. We know that managing school has become tougher with each passing day. If you’re ready to take part in the digital revolution then this is the right destination for you. Our expert is all set to provide you full control over the system with using our user-friendly features. Automated School ERP System can access through smart phones and it can manage data at one place.

Academy management system

Academic Management System (AMS) is web enabled application software for management of various academic activities. The system caters to the requirements of different users Dean, Registrar, Heads, Guides, Faculty, Teachers, Students, Administrators and Officials for performing their assigned tasks. The software is developed using latest Internet technologies. It facilitates complete students’ learning journey with perfect curriculum planning, lesson planning, compliance all streamlined across the whole system to help develop student outcomes and administrative workflows

Library management system

Library Management System is considered as the brain of any education institute, be it small or large schools, colleges or universities. Today education institutes understand the importance of the library with the increase in education standards. With the development of digital content, it becomes more important to manage the catalog of educational information with scalable and reliable Library Management System that will support the general requirement of the library. Easy to use Campus library management systems are now available for stress-free management of campus libraries of any size. A trustworthy web-based library management system provides a complete resolution for students, librarians, and faculty members.