Retail software and consumer good management software

Retail Management Systems Software to power up your business
Save time

Use all the tools and data at your disposal to instantly get better prices than any single human could calculate.

Regain control

See what’s happening across your entire assortment, then deploy any kind of strategy you need.

Drive profitable growth

Easily boost your profitability and keep your store relevant with automated price changes.

Our Retail software and consumer good management software are;
Full flexibility and freedom

Combine the ability to set pricing rules with a powerful algorithm that takes the price elasticity of products into account. No matter how you want to set your prices, you have the freedom to find what works best for your company.

Pricing rules

Easily implement any pricing rule you can think of in our system, and go as granular as you like. Whether it’s at the category or even the product level, our system lets you define the rules for yourself.

Price elasticity calculations

This means that every single product in your assortment is optimized automatically at all times — no hassle whatsoever.

End-to-end automation

As a fully automated system, our system gathers competitor pricing data, your own internal data, calculates prices, and then automatically adjusts them for you so you can focus on monitoring and strategy, not task management.

Total transparency

Dynamic Pricing should never be a black box, and with our system you’ll never wonder why the software calculated a certain price.

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Mobile POS
Customer relationship system
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