Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Cloud infrastructure is the layer of software and hardware between your internal systems and the public cloud. Incorporating many different tools and solutions, this infrastructure is the essential system for a successful cloud computing deployment. This layer of cloud infrastructure has grown as public cloud has changed the structure of the data center and its hardware. Up until now, IT equipment and data center systems adopted the circled wagon approach.

Everything was behind a firewall and facing inward. The only users were inside the company and inside the firewall, as were the apps.The cloud – and to some extent mobile – forces a break in that circle. Now businesses need to face outward, to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or other cloud companies. Businesses need to create a secure data flow in their firewall to connect securely to the public cloud and keep intruders out, while at the same time maintaining acceptable levels of performance

Cloud Infrastructure Building Blocks



Performs the basic computing for the cloud systems. This is almost always virtualized so the instance can be moved around.



Usually commodity hardware running some kind of software-defined networking (SDN) software to manage cloud connections.



Usually a combination hard disks and flash storage designed to move data back and forth between the public and private clouds.



IaaS makes it possible to rent those cloud infrastructure components – compute, storage and networking – over the Internet from a public cloud provider.